The first tag!

This beauty got sent to me the other day and when I opened it up, I was immediately filled with emotion!

At no point, has this ever been about tossing my logo on someone else’s items and selling it to make a quick buck.  We have done some trial items to see how things would work and what the customers liked.

Moving forward, our clothing will be designed from scratch.

We pick the material. We choose the design.  We place the logos.  Heck, we have even learned about stitching and what does and doesn’t work.

Is it time consuming?  Yes, it can be.

Are there days where I want to bang my head against the wall and scream at pine cones?  Yes.

Is this all worth it?  Absolutely!

We are extremely passionate about our brand and logo and all the things it represents and will do.

This is the first tag to be released which will put on our first item which comes out in about 3 weeks.

The second and third products are being sampled up and we ordered some demos for the summer stuff.

Slowly and surely, it’s happening.

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